Form an LLC for Ecommerce

An LLC is a type of business entity that legally separates you as an individual from your business. Forming an LLC gives you an extra layer of protection when you’re doing business online.

In just 5 minutes, you can form an LLC that will:

  • Keep your personal information off the internet
  • Let you write off expenses and save a bunch of money on taxes
  • Website pays your LLC/EIN rather than you personally with your Social Security Number
  • Anonymous LLC Benefits
  • While having fans is great... you probably don’t want them knowing too much about you, e.g. your name, your address (or even your state of residence) where you have a day job, etc. Setting up an anonymous LLC helps avoid these awkward or dangerous situations.

We only list our name, address, phone and email when filing. Your information never appears anywhere.

Forming an LLC for your Ecommerce Business is Super Simple

  1. Select Your State – choose Wyoming. If you are doing business online, you do not have to form in your home state. Wyoming has by far the best business privacy laws in the country meaning you can stay anonymous without jumping through hoops.
  2. Choose a Business Name – Make sure your business name doesn’t have any information that will help people identify you
  3. Assign a Registered Agent – A registered agent is required for every LLC. The registered agent is assigned to accept all legal notices and documents on the LLC’s behalf. Because your registered agent will be a law firm, you will get attorney client privilege which means you get yet another layer of privacy protection.
  4. File the Articles of Organization – The Articles of Organization is the birth certificate to your business. It’s the document that officially registered your LLC with the state. Once you fill out the order form, we will take care of this step for you.
  5. Create an Operating Agreement – An Operating Agreement for your LLC is the legal document that outlines the details of your business. We provide you a free operating agreement.
  6. Obtain an EIN – EINs are essentially your LLCs social security number. They are required to open a bank account so you can have platforms pay your LLC.

Why Should You Form a Cam Site LLC in Wyoming?

  • Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity: Your identity remains confidential as only we have access to your information. Attorney-client privilege protects your identity from being disclosed.
  • Streamlined Process: Our online platform eliminates the need for in-person visits, reduces wait times, and eliminates residency requirements. Simply complete our user-friendly order form.
  • Affordable Annual Fees: Our pricing structure is designed to be cost-effective. The first year costs $199, and subsequent years only require a payment of $179. This price is all inclusive (there are never surprise charges).
  • Tax Advantages: Save money on taxes by writing off your expenses!
  • Asset Protection: With our LLC, personal creditors are unable to seize your business assets, and business creditors cannot access your personal assets, providing comprehensive protection.
  • Single-Member LLCs Allowed: You have the flexibility to establish a single-member LLC, enabling you to manage your business independently. Not all states allow this, but Wyoming does.
  • Simplified Compliance: No operating agreement is required, reducing the administrative burden associated with traditional LLCs.
  • Closed Limited Liability Company Option: You have the option to establish a close/closed limited liability company, which means you’ll have to file way less paperwork than you would in another state.
  • No Minimum Capital Contribution: You are not required to make a minimum capital contribution, giving you flexibility in managing your business finances.

So why haven’t you formed an LLC yet?

You don’t really know what an LLC is or how to get started.

Business structures can be complicated if you’ve never run a company before. The beauty of our service is that it is powered by attorneys. That means you can leave the worrying to our team while you rest easy knowing you’re in professional hands.

Attorneys? That sounds expensive.

Usually that’s right. But, we’re in the business of democratizing the business structures that normally are reserved for the uber rich. The US is built on small businesses and we want to help the base of our economy protect itself. That’s why you can get started for just $299. What’s your privacy and protection worth to you?

You have no idea how to run an LLC

That’s why we’ve created our LLC bootcamp (no push ups required). In just the first video, you will learn 90% of what you’ll need to do to keep your business compliant.

Our attorneys will tell you

  • - Exactly what to do based on your situation
  • - How to do to stay compliant

Order today and receive

  • - All of the documents you need to start within 24 hours
  • - The how to get started guide
  • - The ultimate online privacy guide

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you get started with ecommerce. We highly recommend all entrepreneurs open an LLC in order to protect their privacy and keep their business and personal assets separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an LLC to start selling online?

Strictly speaking, it is not a legal requirement to form a legal business entity before you begin selling. However, it is a very good idea.

What type of LLC do I need to sell online?

We recommend a manager managed Wyoming Close LLC. The extra words before LLC make this sound complicated, but it is actually very simple. This structure offers small businesses the most protection with the least amount of effort. We explain why we recommend this and how to form one in this guide.

How do I start?

  1. Go to our order form.
  2. Select Wyoming
  3. Select Close LLC
  4. Choose a Name
  5. Select Manager Managed and list your name as the member and manager
  6. On the additional services page, select EIN (FEIN if you do not have a social security number)
  7. Pay $299
  8. You’re in business!

How do you open a bank account?

When you place your order, make sure you purchase an EIN and opt in to the bank account option. Once your order is complete, complete the EIN questionnaire in your client portal and then your bank account questionnaire. We will open the account for you and send you instructions on how to fund your account.

Can a non-US resident own an LLC?

Yes! Creating an LLC as a non-resident or non-citizen is the same as if you were a citizen of the US. The only difference is, if you do not have a SSN, you will need to get an FEIN instead of an EIN. These typically take longer to acquire, so it will slow the process of setting up your company. However, we think this additional wait time is worth it to get the advantage of American business laws and banking.

Do I need a business license or reseller’s certificate?

Fortunately, there is no general Wyoming business license per se. For most businesses in the state of Wyoming, a business license isn't necessary, so there are no extra fees to pay or forms to file.

You will need to collect sales tax and might need a reseller’s certificate. Required taxes are jurisdiction specific and can get complicated. We recommend finding a highly qualified CPA.

How can I save on taxes?

Form an LLC in Wyoming. Wyoming has no income or corporate tax. Also, make sure you are writing off all applicable business expenses. If you need more detailed advice, please consult a CPA.